Girls Team Director & Head Coach


Natalie's story

Gymnastics is Natalie's life. Coaching since age 15, she now has over 12 years of experience and is a level 10 USAG certified judge. As our Girls Team Director and Optionals Head Coach, Natalie is the brain of our operation and has been since 2010 when she began rebuilding Danik's girls team program.

Natalie grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho where she competed as a gymnast at the optional level. She loved the sport and always wanted to be at the gym, but it wasn't until she began coaching at age 15 that she found out how much she truly loves the sport. Even now after over 12 years she still loves it just as much as she did on her first day.

September of 2010 was an important turning point in Danik's history; it is when Natalie joined our coaching staff. She began building up a strong compulsory program, then took over as the Option Team Coach shortly after. She has been our program director and head coach since 2013. With her at the helm, Danik's girl's JO team has grown into Idaho's strongest competitive team. Taking our team to meets around the country and scoring well at them has helped put Idaho on the map as a state that can produce serious competitors.

Natalie is always finding new things to teach and is always learning all that she can about the sport. Chances are that if you visit her at home during her "time off" you will most likely catch her watching gymnastics on TV, online, or reading about it. 

Natalie is also the Team floor and beam choreographer. She is committed to making our program the best it can be in order to help each girl fulfill their full potential as gymnasts and young women.

Additional Experience

  • Attended USA Gymnastics National Congress in 2014 and 2016

  • Attended TOPS National Testing


  • Re-built our team program from the ground up

  • Coached a gymnast who qualified for and attended the TOPS training camp in Texas

  • Has taken 6 gymnasts to the National Judges Cup


  • USAG certified level 10 judge

  • USAG certified gymnastics coach