Danik gymnastics has earned a reputation for being Idaho's strongest and most consistently high scoring competitive team. We take our program seriously and strive for excellence. We focus on preparing girls for the next level, whether that be advancement in our program, elite gymnastics, or college scholarships. We believe winning is fun and focus on doing so as a team.  Danik has been home to many past State & Regional champions and has had many represent Idaho in national competitions. 

2019 STATE RESULTS JO Girls: L1-1st, L2-3rd, L3-1st, L4-1st, L5-1st, L7-3rd, L8-1st


The Danik Difference



We are lucky to have a strong group of nine team coaches to work with these athletes; four of these coaches are also USAG certified gymnastics judges through levels 8, 9, and 10. As judges, our coaches know the intricacies of producing high scores and can help each gymnast perfect their routines. 


At Danik our philosophy is to focus on perfecting the basic skills and strength. We only advance gymnasts to the next level when they have the adequate skills. This solid foundation allows our gymnasts to learn the difficult skills correctly and safely.

Work Ethic

We require our athletes to have a strong work ethic, respect for their coaches and teammates, and to love the sport of gymnastics.


We have a wonderful group of parents that help us put a strong emphasis on team building inside and outside of the gym. Our group of girls are very close and supportive of each other while maintaining a healthy level of internal competition. We have a strong future ahead, and look forward to our ever-growing program going above and beyond each year!


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We take our team to some in-state, but also to multiple out of state meets with more demanding competition. This helps the girls to get a better feel for the competitive climate of the nation and encourage them to push to be their best.

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