The Danik Boys Team Program has proven very successful, earning dozens of individual and team titles while consistently producing State, Regional, and National champions. Coaches Luke Schafer and Cort Bramwell attribute the team's success to a strong camaraderie among students, commitment and hard work in the gym, and a solid foundation of strength and basic technique. These elements, combined with a state-of-the-art facility, have made the Danik Boys Team one of the strongest in the Northwest.

The Boys Team competes locally and abroad, contending against the top gymnasts in the nation. While team athletes are held to a high standard of effort and performance, coaches strive to create an environment of safety, sportsmanship, strong work ethic, accountability, perseverance, and respect for self and others. The program aims to help each athlete achieve his full potential within the discipline of gymnastics, and acquire valuable life skills that will prove beneficial throughout his life.

The Danik Difference



We are lucky to have a two amazing team coaches to work with these athletes. They have been coaching at Danik for a very long time and are highly experienced. They drive our boys hard and help each one achieve his potential.


At Danik our philosophy is to focus on perfecting the basic skills and strength. We only advance gymnasts to the next level when they have the adequate skills. This solid foundation allows our gymnasts to learn the difficult skills correctly and safely.

Work Ethic

We require our athletes to have a strong work ethic, respect for their coaches and teammates, and to love the sport of gymnastics. 


We have a wonderful group of parents that help us put a strong emphasis on team building inside and outside of the gym. Our boy's team is very close and supportive of each other while maintaining a healthy level of internal competition. We have a strong future ahead, and look forward to going above and beyond each year!


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