Girls JO Team Assistant Head Coach


Meghan's story

Meghan grew up right here in Boise, Idaho. She attended Mountain View High School and has been involved in the Idaho gymnastics scene most of her life. Meghan began competitive JO team gymnastics starting at 8 years old. Danik's founder, Viktor Danilovich, and his wife Olga were Meghan's coaches during her competitive career. She competed through level 9 and had high hopes to continue through level 10 and possibly even go elite.

After her level 9 season, however, multiple injuries ended her gymnastics career. Meghan loved the sport and wanted to remain close to it, so she began coaching recreational gymnastics at age 16. One of Meghan's greatest qualities as a coach is that she cares a lot about those she coaches and is great at building the girls up while pushing them to improve and achieve their potential. These skills, paired with her knowledge of the sport led Meghan to quickly become a competitive coach. 

In 2011 Meghan started coaching the competitive compulsory team (levels 1 - 5) at Danik. By 2013 she was coaching optionals (levels 6 - 10).  Meghan has had a lot of success with the optional group and became the Girl's JO Assistant Head Coach in 2015.


  • Has taken 5 gymnasts to the National Judges Cup and will be taking 2 more in 2018.

National Judges Cup Gymnasts 2017

  • Every year that Meghan has coached optionals, Danik has had 1 or more girls make the regional state team. Only the top 6 gymnasts in the state make the team

Regional state team gymnasts 2017


Additional Experience

Meghan attended the USA Gymnastics National Congress and The Olympic Trials with head coach Natalie Miller in 2016.


  • Associate of Science degree from Boise State University


  • Level 10 USAG certified judge