Girls JO Team Coach


Jennifer's story

Jennifer grew up in Houston, Texas. She took gymnastics off and on from age 7 to 14. She was under the old level system and guesses that she went through what would now be level 6.


I have always loved and been drawn to this sport!

Jennifer has been coaching gymnastics for more than 10 years now. She started coaching recreational gymnastics straight out of High School and did that for about 5 years.

Since then, she got married and has had 3 kids. Through all of those changes she has coached off and on working mostly with the level 4 team.

Jennifer began working at Danik in July of 2016 and works with our compulsory levels 1 - 5. She is a valuable member of our coaching staff and we are so glad to have her with us!


No matter what sport one ultimately chooses, I can't think of a better overall foundational sport than gymnastics. Not only does it teach key health components such as strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, and balance, but from an early age It equips mentally and emotionally teaching teamwork, accountability and how to overcome adversity through hard work and consistency. And.... all of this while having fun and making friends for a lifetime! 
- Jennifer

Jennifer feels that the greatest thing she accomplishes as a gymnastics coach is instilling confidence and strength into young kids. 


  • Graduated cosmetology school in 1999
  • Is currently studying to become ACE certified for group fitness

Additional Experience

  • Jennifer has been a makeup artist for the last 20 years.


  • Level 5 USAG Certified Judge

Fun Fact

  • Jennifer was an NFL Cheerleader for the Houston Oilers from 1995-1996!
  • She was also a Sunday School Teacher for Jr. High and an assistant youth minister for Jr. High and High School.