Girls JO & XCEL Team Coach


kianna's story

Kianna is one of our own gymnasts! She began her gymnastics career at age 7 at Meridian Academy of Gymnastics until age 10. She then moved to Danik where she started on the optional team. She later transitioned to XCEL where she finished at the platinum level.

Kianna has been coaching with us since 2017 and has been a great addition to the team. She loved being a gymnast, loves kids, and loves teaching people new things so coaching gymnastics is a great fit for her.

The fact that these little kids can do all sorts of things that most people would never even attempt, and are nailing them is just amazing!
— Kianna

Starting as a recreational coach, Kianna showed skill and maturity beyond her years and moved up to coaching advanced recreational classes the same year she was hired. Shortly after, she was invited to begin coaching XCEL and compulsory starting in 2018 and is currently our youngest competitive team coaches. She has already had success with personally teaching girls new skills and loves it.