Welcome to DANIK

A 24k square foot multi discipline gymnastics center located in Meridian Idaho, established in 2004.



Builds strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, confidence.



Teaches, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, back handsprings, diffent flips.



Most popular with boys, based on tumbling and gymnastics through art of motion.


GYM CLOSED Monday 29th Memorial Day


Sign-ups start May 1st
Classes run May 30th - August 18th
All rec class times stay the same over the summer.

30 minute classes (parent tot): $69.00
1 hour rec classes (gymnastics, tumbling, parkour): $99.00
1 hour 30 min advanced (gymnastics): $129.00

Registration: Free for continuing students, $10.00 for new

ALL CONTINUING STUDENTS please let front desk know about any times changes or staying in the current class for summer.


If you have ever watched your kids during parkour class or Ninja Warrior on TV and wanted to try it, this is your chance.

This workshop is for adults only, 21 and up. We will work on vaults and basic combos, bar and wall work, tumbling and a Ninja Warrior type course.

Saturday April 22nd
7:00 - 8:30 pm
Cost: $15

NOW HIRING QUALIFIED TEAM COACHES, starting ASAP, several positions available, competitive wages, flexible schedule, come see us in person or email.

!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GIRLS and BOYS TEAMS on a very successfull and highly awarded competition season!!!

2017 State Meet Results

WOMENS JO MeetScoresOnline:
Level 2 2nd place (112.550)
Level 3 1st place (115.200) STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 4 1st place (114.650) STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 5 1st place (114.550) STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 6 4th place (111.050)
Level 7 1st place (113.700) STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 8 3rd place (111.850)

WOMENS XCEL MeetScoresOnline:
Xcel Bronze 1st place (114.325) STATE CHAMPIONS
Xcel Gold 1st place (113.375) STATE CHAMPIONS
Xcel Silver 13th place (109.475)

MENS JO Level 4 1st place () STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 5 1st place () STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 6 4th place () STATE CHAMPIONS
Level 7 - OPT. 1st place () STATE CHAMPIONS

2016/17 Meet Results

Level 4 1st place (113.950)
Level 5 1st place (112.050)
Level 6 6th place (112.725)
Level 7 3rd place (110.825)
Level 8 3rd place (112.025)
Level 2 1st place (112.450)
Level 3 1st place (112.775)
Level 4 1st place (113.350)
Level 5 1st place (109.100)
Level 6 3rd place (108.450)
Level 7 1st place (111.975)
Xcel Bronze 1st place (113.900)
Xcel Silver 10th place (108.950)
Level 3 3rd place (112.525)
Level 4 1st place (113.700)
Level 5 4th place (111.900)
Level 6 13th place (74.075)
Level 7 3rd place (111.500)
Level 8 2nd place (111.350)
Level 2 2nd place (111.500)
Level 3 2nd place (113.100)
Level 4 2nd place (111.650)
Level 5 1st place (111.750)
Level 6 12 place (71.750 no team)
Level 7 1st place (112.200)
Level 8 1st place (112.450)
Xcel Bronze 4th place (110.350)
Xcel Gold 1st place (113.050)
Xcel Silver 6th place (109.000)
Level 6 ... place (74.350)
Level 7 2nd place (112.825)
Level 8 1st place (110.875)
Level 2 3rd place (107.550)
Level 3 2nd place (109.800)
Level 4 1st place (111.000)
Level 5 1st place (110.075)
Level 6 2nd place (109.575)
Level 7 2nd place (109.625)
Level 8 1st place (108.050)
Xcel Bronze 1st place (108.750)
Xcel Gold 1st place (109.400)
Xcel Silver 10th place (111.500

Our Mission

Welcome to DANIK, where we are committed to the development of every child; from the delicate needs of the beginner to the professional needs of the advanced gymnast. Through proper instruction, we will help your child achieve goals without limitation. Whether you are seeking a fitness program, a place to explore the sport for fun, or have much higher aspirations, we are here for you and we will strive to appreciate and accommodate your needs. Our 24k square foot facility has a wide variety of programs that may fit your specific needs.

General Information

There are many benefits of gymnastics, parkour or tumbling to your child including self confidence, self discipline, developing goal orientation, a better work ethics, flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, healthy body, healthy mind, and a strong spirit.

We have a wide variety of programs that may fit your needs.

We offer reasonable payment options, and even better, we may be able to reduce your monthly payments further by giving you a discount 5% or even 10% for prepay or automatic deduction options.


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Developmental Gymnastics

Developmental gymnastics classes practice 1, 2 or 3 days a week, usually for 1hr or 1 hour and 30 minutes each class. If your child is forever bouncing on the bed, balancing on the countertop, or leaping joyfully from the sofa, perhaps what they really need is a creative outlet for all that fearless ability. DANIK GYMNASTICS can show you how to channel that budding talent into the beautiful sport of Gymnastics. Our program provides training on floor, beam, bars, vault and trampoline, also develops flexibility, strength, coordination and rhythm... and best of all, it's a lot more fun than bouncing on the bed. You are welcome to observe a classes.


These classes are designed to teach from the basic tumbling skills to the more advanced tumbling skills. Students will learn through appropriate progressions basic forward and backward rolls up through round-off back-handsprings. Individual growth and progression will depend on student and strength.


Birthday parties for boys and girls between the ages of 3-15. Take full advantage of our huge facility including games, obstacle courses, races, trampolines, and much more! Each party includes one hour in the gym for fun and games and half hour in one of our party room for children to enjoy cake, ice cream and open presents.

Our gym is also available for special event rentals, parkour parties, prom, group events, church events

Competitive Gymnastics

Our team programs are by evaluation and invitation only. Kids are evealuated on strenght, flexibility, mental readiness and requires a much bigger commitment than regular classes. Kids are eveluated and placed into an appropriate level and will be working on skills and routines with a goal of participating in local, regional and even national competitions. Idaho gymnastics competition season usually runs November to March.


Parkour is the best sport for boys. It combines all the best gymnastics and tumbling aspects with the freedom of individual creativity. In this class students learn tumbling and flipping skills, balance, coordination and being able to make quick decissions while creatively moving from point a to point b through various obstacle courses. Many basically describe it as ninja tricks and style obstacle courses as made popular by a famous tv show.

Field Trips

Wondering what to do for a big event or outing? Danik offers a variety of options for large groups, we can accommodate everyone from MOPS groups, daycares, PE school classes, church groups, school dance activity groups to just plain private open gym groups.
Participants can enjoy the freedom to jump around on trampolines, foam pit, obstacle courses without being in a class or we can customize a personal experience with more of structured activities.


Some photos and video around the gym

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547 S. Locust Grove Rd.
Meridian, ID 83642